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Avanti is powered by Gui4Cli and by its own additional dll's which are all written in C and C++.
Therefore Avanti is small
and relies only on the basic Windows OS resources.
It should run without problems on Windows XP and Vista.
Notes for Windows 7
and 8 users.
Avanti GUI is a free front-end for FFmpeg with the option to insert AviSynth as pre-processor.
It offers user friendly control over all basic and advanced FFmpeg options. A number of template examples are included. No need to be familiar with AviSynth to use the predefined Avanti/AviSynth pre-processor options. Avanti comes as a portable application packed in a zip folder and doesn't require installation. No adware or internet access. (more ...).
   Features ...
  • Easy access to all FFmpeg codecs and basic encode settings.
  • All advanced options are available through FFmpeg scripting (built-in editor).
  • All settings are saved and restored at the next session.
  • All encoder settings, user additions and scripts can be saved in template files.
  • Re-formatted FFmpeg log output at Avanti GUI for better readability.
  • Display of estimated encode time, remaining time and encode speed.
  • Option to auto-shutdown your system after encoding and job processing.
  • Option to process system controlled 2-pass encoding.
  • Advanced batch job processing (allows per job settings through user templates).
  • ES option to encode elementary (mpeg2/mp2/ac3) streams for DVD authoring.
  • Option to modify mpeg2 header flags (incl. 2:3 pulldown on 23.976 p).
  • Option to modify AVI header fields (FourCC and frame rate).
  • Selectable AviSynth AUTO and USER modes with built-in AviSynth Editor....  (supports virtual source paths which allows scripts to run from templates).      
  • Internal Video Preview with AviSynth script preview (debug) option.
  • Selectable FFmpeg/AviSynth advanced color correction (with preview).
  • Selectable FFmpeg/AviSynth crop/scale/pad option (with preview and calculator).
  • Selectable FFmpeg/AviSynth subtitle mux/burn option (with style editor/preview).
  • Support for the VirtualDub (*.vdr) frameserver format through AviSynth wrapper.
  • Option to convert PAL video source to NTSC destination and vice-versa.
  • Option to convert audio from PAL to NTSC and vice-versa (with pitch correction).
  • Option to modify luminance level from 16-235 to 0-255 and vice-versa.
  • 18-bands audio equalizer with feq preset editor and preview option.
  • Off-line context sensitive chm help (direct access to related topic at F1 press).
Latest release:
Avanti version 0.9.3
Please read these important notes about this version.

This version is retracted because of a serious issue.
Older versions still available:  
(released 08-04-2015)
 Avanti-091.7z (released 23-03-2015)
 Avanti-090.7z (released 22-02-2015)
All versions require to download FFmpeg separately.
Always use a generic FFmpeg build as can be downloaded below. FFmpeg versions
included in other applications may be modified for specific use and may not work.
All above Avanti versions expect a recent FFmpeg build.
For builds older than January 2014, use Avanti-076.7z
For builds older than January 2013, use Avanti-071.7z
For builds released before February 2012, you need to use another set of templates.
 Read more about it and download template replacements here

We use the Zeranoe FFmpeg builds as reference during Avanti development.
These builds are frequently updated and include all required extra libraries,
FFplay and the full html documentation.
You can download the latest static Win32 build here and copy
and ffplay.exe to the ffmpeg folder at your Avanti install directory. If the latest build fails with the current Avanti version, try an older build from this archive.

The last FFmpeg version we checked out successfully with Avanti 0.9.3 is ...
ffmpeg version N-71959-g9253cc4
 Zeranoe archive date May 7, 2015
Note that this concerns the basic functioning and that there is no guarantee
 that all FFmpeg codecs and options will work as to be expected.

Wanna build your own FFmpeg? Visit the Zeranoe forum for details and support.
Please do not post Avanti related questions at this forum (see support below).
This Web Site is provided to you free of charge, "as is". All content within it is provided on an "as is" and
"as available" basis without any warranties of any kind, whether express or implied, including, but not limited to the implied warranties of merchantability, fitness for a particular purpose, and non-infringement. Any material downloaded or otherwise obtained through this Web Site is done at your own risk and discretion and you will be solely responsible for any damage to your computer system or loss of data that results from the downloading or use of any such material.
vgtMPEG ...
Avanti supports vgtMPEG which is based on FFmpeg and makes it easy to extract individual titles, chapters and language tags from (unencrypted) ISO, IFO and BDMV structures. You can download a free copy of vgtmpeg here

AviSynth ...
Although optional, we highly recommend to install AviSynth (version 2.5.8 up)
to take advantage of all built-in Avanti/AviSynth options. You can download the latest AviSynth version here
The subtitle option requires you have the "VSFilter.dll" plugin in your AviSynth plugins folder. You can download this plugin here
7-ZIP ...
The Avanti package and some of the FFmpeg builds are packed with 7-Zip.
If you have problems with unpacking, you can download 7-Zip here
Support ...
The past seven years the developer of Avanti maintained a support thread at
the forums. It might be of help to read through the questions
and answers there in case the included Avanti chm help does not provide all
the answers.
v. 0.9.3 - (C) 2007-2015
Disclaimer ...